This is to Hereby Certify that ______________

Has been at Lightning Ridge for several days and, having read some pamphlets and spoken to a couple of tourists in the Caravan Park, is now officially qualified to hold strong opinions on all facets of the black opal industry and share these with any person who strays within earshot.

Is hereby authorised to dispute and argue with the local miners about the quality and colour variation of black opal.

Is a genuine authority on opal values, for all types of stones whether local or overseas.

Is without dispute in a knowledgeable position to criticise to the local mining methods and customs; and to relate anecdotes about the past history of the area with unequalled expertise.

Now has the right to dump garbage on any opal field, throw stones down any shaft, help any miner do his tailings and palm all opal found in the process.

On presentation of this certificate, the bearer will be accorded SPECIAL DUE CONSIDERATION when purchasing any mugstone or sunflash opal at any shop in Lightning Ridge.

The bearer is also entitled to free usage of the hot pool and dressing sheds.

Issued by the Local Opalarium Committee.
Dated this Day _ of ____ Year ____