The main intersection in town. Millions of dollars have changed hands near the yellow fence across outside the Black Opal Motel.

Looking back down Opal Street.

The town secret...

Local 50m swimming pool with fantasy play area. Money for the pool was raised by 5 teenage girls...

The local hot bore baths - a good spot to relax but beware of bubbles.

Local range for sharpening shooting skills

Lightning Ridge International Airport.

Local pottery that uses clay made from opal dirt. The bright bush is a Bouganvillea and they are everywhere.

Local barber shop on the 3 mile that guarantees your haircut will be a work of art.

Have your pick sharpened while you buy a large emu egg here

Turn right at this sign

Typical LR sky! Bright blue with high clouds that look just like the red flash of an opal at sunset

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